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At present sensors made by Senseair, Cubic & Winsen are supported by Additional sensor support will be added as units become available for testing.

Each sensor "driver" has been developed with particular attention to the manufactures recommendations as far as is possible. Particular attention has been paid to the calibration functions of each sensor.


The Senseair Sunrise sensor has been integrated in both UART and I2C modes. This sensor is found in a number of high end mass produced air monitoring devices. The Sunrise is a high quality and low power sensor.

Support for additional Senseair sensors is planned in the future.

Cubic Sensor

The CM1107 & CM1106 are both supported by and are reported to be reliable CO2 sensors. These sensors have been hard to obtain therefore second hand sensors were used during development.


The MH-Z19B, MH-Z19C, MH-Z14 have historically been the easiest and cheapest CO2 sensors to source through Amazon and AliExpress.


The SCD30 by Sensirion is commonly used in DIY CO2 monitor projects therefore support for this sensor is planned.