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The firmware has a rich feature set to which more is being added regularly. Below you will find a summary of the most important and links to pages describing the features in detail.

Low Power Operation has been optimised for low power battery operation using power profiling equipment to achieve extremely low power consumption on the ESP32 family of microcontrollers.

CO2 Sensor Families

There is support for multiple families of CO2 sensor. At present this include Senseair, Cubic, Sensirion & Winsen sensors. Additional drivers for different manufactures and models will be added in time.

Responsive Web Interface

The web interface is built using ReactJS, Charts.js & Canvas Gauges and simply invokes REST APIs made exposed by the firmware. As the packaged ReactJS app is served from a dedicated partition by the C++ core, it can be replaced entirely with any application written in JavaScript.


Calibration is very important to maintain accuracy. makes the process of forcing background calibration and configuring ABC (Automatic Background Calibration) a breeze. Wizards are provided to guide users through the required steps.

Device Configuration

All settings including wireless, NTP and data logging can be managed through the web interface. They can also be set by calling the REST APIs directly.

Captive Portal

By default a device boots and starts an access point with a captive portal secured using WPA2 to allow the device to be configured.

Data Logging and Charting

Up to six months of readings can be recorded in flash memory. The readings can be viewed within the web interface using the charts screen.

Remote Monitoring device can be used as part of a cloud using the MQTT publishing feature. The frequency and target MQTT server are configurable through the web interface and directly using the REST APIs.


ESP32 & ESP8266 family MCUs made by Espressif can be used as the platform on which the build a device. Both chip families have a wide range of boards available in different form factors and bundled peripheral components.