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When the firmware is built for the ESP32 platform it uses the latest v4.4 ESP32 IDF SDK.

Windows Environment Setup

Espressif provide a Windows package which ensures all the required components are installed. This is the simplest way to setup a Windows build environment, the install can be found at Install the v4.4 sdk.

More in depth instructions and other installation methods can be found at

The remaining instructions in this document assume that the "ESP-IDF CMD" link on the start menu is being used as the CLI to enter commands.

Linux Environment Setup

Follow the instructions at and ensure that the user environment is set up correctly.

The remaining instructions in this document assume that the users shell has the appropriate environment variables set and the IDF v4.4 SDK checked out.

Clone & initialise the latest AirMeter.IO Monitor firmware

Clone the repository & change into the directory.

git clone
cd AirMeter.IO.Firmware

Initialise the GIT Submodules.

git submodule init
git submodule update

Copy the ESP32 SDK config files to the project root director.

On Linux type:-

cp boards/esp32-idf/sdkconfig* .

On Windows type:-

copy boards\esp32-idf\sdkconfig*.* .

Build the project

Type the following to build the project. build

Flash to device

On Linux type: flash /dev/ttsyusb0

Replace /dev/ttsyusb0 with the com port device exposed by the ESP32-WROOM32 board.

On Windows type: flash COM4

Replace COM4 with the correct COM port exposed by the ESP32-WROOM32 board.