Skip to the content. builds upon the work of a number of other open source projects. These projects along with their primary license are listed on this page.

Note that especially in the case of the Espressif SDKs some projects draw on other third party works themselves. Please consult the documentation for each project to find all their dependencies.

Project Author Website License
ESP-IDF Espressif Apache-2.0 License
ESP8266 RTOS SDK Espressif Apache-2.0 License
ReactJS Facebook MIT
ChartJS Nick Dawnie MIT
Canvas Gauges Mykhailo Stadnyk MIT
ESP8266‑RTOS‑SSD1306 urx, Ruslan V. Uss, Zaltora MIT
ESP8266‑RTOS‑FONTS zaltora MIT
QRCode Richard Moore, Project Nayuki MIT
Softuart Ivan Belokobylskiy, Ruslan V. Uss, Bernhard Guillon MIT
Captivedns Victor Pvvx